Suzuki Teacher Accreditations & Definitions

A Suzuki teacher continues his or her own musical education throughout their teaching career.

All teachers are required to complete several sessions of Suzuki professional development annually.  This is accomplished through attendance at workshops held throughout the year, often with guest international teachers of worldwide reputation.

Suzuki Teacher Accreditation Key:
TR AT Primary Int Adv TT DTT
Trainee Teacher Associate Teacher Primary Accredited Intermediate Accredited Advanced Accredited Teacher Trainer Director of Teacher Training

Trainee Teachers:

  • Trainee Teacher: accepted into the Suzuki Teacher Training Program.
  • Associate Teacher: those who have satisfactorily completed the introductory Teacher Training course, and are working towards accreditation as a Suzuki teacher.

Suzuki Talent Certificate of Accreditation (STCA)

  • Primary Accreditation
  • Intermediate Accreditation
  • Advanced Accreditation
  • Teacher Trainer Accreditation
  • Director of Teacher Training