About the Suzuki Talent Education Association
of Australia (WA) Inc.

We are an association of music teachers and parents who follow the ‘Mother Tongue’ method of music teaching developed by Dr Shinichi Suzuki.

Established in the early 1970’s, the Association now has over 600 family and teacher members. ┬áStarting with Piano and Violin, the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (WA) Inc has grown to include Viola, Cello, Guitar, Flute, & Early Childhood Education.

Committee Members

At the AGM held at the beginning of each year we elect Committee members and hold regular meetings.

President Jennifer McCormack
Vice President Sophie Reynolds
Immediate Past President Patricia Murphy
Secretary Tanelle Purkiss
Office Administrator Tanelle Purkiss
Treasurer Tanelle Purkiss
PPSA Representative Jasmine Trebse
Committee Member / Cello Emma O’Keefe
Committee Member / Violin Amanda Drybrough
Committee Member/ Early Childhood Education Emma O’Keefe
Committee Member / Flute Jenny McCormack
Committee Member / Piano Anneke De Rooij
Committee Member / General Georgina Adamson
Committee Member / General Catherine Alexander
Newsletter Editor Tanelle Purkiss

WA Patron

Ashley Arbuckle

Life Members

Janet Leggo OAM, Pauline Dawson, Amanda Drybrough, Jan Moreschini, Gwyneth Amphlett, Helen Partington, Dorothy Clark

Honorary Members

Jane Boxall, Karyn Lam, Penny Huxtable