Welcome to Suzuki Talent Education Association
(Western Australia) Inc.

We are an association of music teachers and parents who follow the “Mother Tongue” method of music teaching developed by Dr Shinichi Suzuki.

The main aim of Suzuki education is to teach the child to appreciate music for the rest of their life.

The Suzuki method of learning provides the opportunity for children from a very young age to get together and play together as the repertoire is common to them all.  Our students in Perth, Western Australia benefit greatly from these experiences.

Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (WA) Inc (STEAA(WA)) offers tuition in the following instruments as well as Early Childhood programs:

“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
~ Dr Shinichi Suzuki

About Dr Suzuki

Dr Suzuki observed that all children were able to learn their mother tongue effortlessly through listening, imitation and repetition. Read more about the Suzuki Philosophy.

Please browse through our web site to find out more regarding our Association and Dr Suzuki.

Our teachers are highly trained, and are located throughout Western Australia.


From our former Patron:

Some six decades ago, Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist and teacher, developed a joyous way for children learning to play the violin.

Known as the Suzuki Method and also the Mother Tongue Method of Education, it continues to make a wonderful contribution to music education worldwide and to the quality of life of countless thousands of past and present Suzuki students, their teachers and parents.

Over the years the Suzuki Method has been developed to apply to several other string and wind instruments and piano.  It also includes singing.

The Suzuki Talent Education Association of Western Australia is noted for the way its carefully trained teachers, together with the cooperation of parents, foster the educational value of the Suzuki Method by developing abilities and attitudes in children which then flow on to other areas of “growing up”.

The involvement of parents is one of the method’s great human strengths; as is the social aspect which plays an important role in the Suzuki Method, whereby teachers, children, parents and relatives come together often for many different kinds of musical activities.

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